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A Guide to Trusted Tax Relief Companies

Financial Rescue helps you understand tax relief.

Financial Rescue has partnered with tax relief companies to assist clients with their tax problems, such as unpaid back taxes, unfiled personal or business taxes, and IRS wage garnishment.  This program helps you reduce your tax debt to the smallest dollar amount possible, and navigate the complicated IRS rules and tax debt relief calculations, to find you a resolution.  The consultation is free, a Senior advisor will go over the findings and discuss a personal plan for you for IRS tax relief. Depending on your situation, they can start an installment arrangement, debt settlement program execution plan, offer in compromise, bank levy, and/or garnishment release.

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Searching for tax relief services IRS tax relief advice online? Navigating tax debt relief can be daunting, but with professional guidance, you can find effective solutions. Instead of facing the IRS alone, trust reputable Financial Rescue associated tax firms to direct you on the right path. We specialize in debt consolidation, debt management, and offer top-rated debt relief programs. Let our expert tax partners help you apply for IRS tax relief in the USA and explore the debt relief options tailored to your needs.

Be skeptical of any company that offers to settle your tax debt for pennies on the dollar, as a reputable company will assess your tax problems first in order to determine how they can help.

Instead of taking the bait before looking into the company, make sure you know who you are dealing with. Here are several factors to consider when hiring a IRS tax relief company:

Tax Relief Consultation | Financial Rescue
Tax Relief Choosing the best Company | Financial Rescue

Check Out the Company’s Background

Ensure you engage with a reputable company experienced in the tax industry. Request licensing details, avoiding unlicensed personnel, which may lead to costly and ineffective results.

Conducting a simple search on Google can help you to find more information about the background of the company, reviews and any complaints. You can also check the BBB rating, with an “A” being the ideal rating to look for. When dealing with sensitive financial relief companies information, you want to know that you are enlisting the help from experts that you can trust.

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Don’t Fall for Scams

Any company that asks for money up front or large sums of money should be an immediate red flag. There are many scammers or individuals with no experience in tax relief that will claim to help with your problem but never follow through with their promises.

Ensure the legitimacy of the tax relief company before making payments or commitments. Our aim is to implement strategies that alleviate financial stress, not add to your debt burden.

Tax Relief Choosing the best Company | Financial Rescue

Financial Rescue

Most of our clients pay off their balances within 36 months with one low monthly program payment.

To ask additional questions and to find out if you qualify, contact us today.

Look for Structure and Clear Results

In order to get ahead of your tax issues, you need a solid strategy that will improve your situation. Look for a company that will explain the process in full detail and provide a step-by-step plan to help with your problems.

Always ask questions to confirm your understanding and ensure you are comfortable with how the tax relief services company intends to achieve results. Make sure the company can clearly articulate how they will fix your tax situation.

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Why Do You Need Help with Tax Consolidation?

Do you owe back taxes?

The IRS sets strict due dates for you to avoid penalties but if you are having trouble paying in full, you still have options available. The IRS and State Payment Plans will give you an opportunity to make partial payments instead of being responsible for the full balance upfront.

We are here to walk you through this process and find the IRS tax payment plan that best works for your financial situation.

Do you have unfiled returns?

 If you missed out on previous years of returns and owe penalties, we can help you with unfiled tax returns and get you up to date on your current tax returns. When you have unfiled tax returns, the penalties can quickly add up due to non-payment, failure to file and interest. It is important to take action as soon as possible when the penalties are subject to increase significantly, up to 25% of the full balance.

 Do you need help with dealing with the IRS?

Our specialty is resolving your tax debts and finding the best debt relief programs. We go the extra mile to help you settle matters with the IRS. If you don’t feel comfortable with a state audit or you simply have questions on how to address your taxes, you can trust that Financial Rescue LLC, is here to help improve your financial picture.

Were your wages garnished or did the bank place a levy on your home?

The consequences associated with IRS troubles can be pretty hefty, especially when you owe a large amount of tax debt. If you’ve started receiving notices from the IRS, it is time to take action and find a solution for your problems.

Financial Rescue

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Getting the Most From Tax Credits and Deductions

 Professional assistance is crucial to unlock all eligible credits and deductions. Reading about tax filing has its limits—a tax professional ensures minimized owed amounts and maximized returns.

When looking for a tax company to help with your returns, either current or past-due returns, make sure they are able to maximize your returns with deductions and credits such as the examples detailed below:

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In order to reduce your taxable income, deductions are used to write-off certain expenses. Here are a handful of common tax deductions to discuss with your top tax consultants:

Charitable Gifts - If your donations to charity exceed $250, you may qualify for a deduction on your taxes. This also applies to non-cash donations such as clothes or household items, just be sure you get a receipt showing the approximate value of the item you donated. If you volunteered for charitable work, you cannot expense your time but you can write off money spent on supplies or the use of your vehicle.

Expenses from Moving - If you relocate more than 50 miles to work for a new employer, you are often able to deduct the moving expenses. This includes the mileage as well as household items and family care. You can utilize this deduction whether it is your first job or you are transferring to a new job.

Home Purchase or Refinance - When you buy a new house, you should ask your tax professional about claiming a deduction for the year of purchase. Also, if you refinance your mortgage, you may be able to deduct the points paid on your loan.

Hunting for a Job - When you are already employed and job hunting, you can deduct any costs related to looking for a job, given that the amount exceeds 2% of your adjusted gross income (AGI). Some examples include printing your resume, fees for employment agencies and gas mileage.

Certified Debt Consultants

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Credits contribute to increasing your tax refund as you can qualify for amounts that are added directly to your return, offering a straight dollar reduction of your bill. Here are a few frequently used tax credits to look into:

Child or Dependent Care - If you have a child under 13 years old or an adult dependent who requires care, you may be eligible to deduct the costs of care. For children, this applies to daycare, summer day camp and after-school care.

Educational Credits - The Lifetime Learning Credit and Hope Credit are both intended to reduce expenses associated with higher education. The Hope Credit can be used in the first 2 years of post-secondary education, while the Lifetime Learning Credit is available for an unlimited amount of time if you are attending a post-secondary school.

Retirement Contributions - For those who contribute to a retirement plan, you may be eligible for a credit for a portion of the total amount. Make sure to discuss your situation with your tax professional as your filing status and AGI determine the amount of credit you qualify for.

These are just a few of the many deductions and credits that you can use to lower your tax responsibility and increase your return amount. Instead of reading through sections of tax code to pick out options that you may be eligible for, it is best to contact a professional for assistance in filing the best possible return.

Tax Relief Settlement | Financial Rescue

Financial Rescue

Most of our clients pay off their balances within 36 months with one low monthly program payment.

To ask additional questions and to find out if you qualify, contact us today.

How Does the IRS involve Private Collection Companies?

Private collectors can be vigilant in their efforts to hunt down past due tax bills. Sometimes they can get pretty aggressive in their search to find your current address and contact you. If you owe back taxes and penalties, they will ask for full payment and if you are unable to pay, the collection company will try to offer a payment plan.

In order to protect your privacy and manage your tax debt, we can help you resolve your tax issues so you won’t need to worry about dealing with pesky collectors. The private companies obtain your confidential information in order to track you down, you can assume that they are not easy to deal with. It can be extremely stressful to deal with these people, rest assured we are experienced in handling these types of situations.

Make sure you are aware of your rights according to the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act as there are certain protections that consumers have against abuse or harassing behavior. Examples of this would be threatening to garnish your wages, selling your debts and disclosing information to other individuals.

It is also important to know the conditions in which the IRS will proceed with hiring a private collection company which are as follows:

  • The IRS is unable to locate the taxpayer’s current residence
  • The statute of limitations is expired
  • The bill is overdue at least one year with no communications from the taxpayer

To avoid feeling trapped and constantly bothered by collections companies, we can help resolve your tax bills. Less financial stress means that you will have more money to contribute to your family.

Tax Relief Statutes | Financial Rescue

Financial Rescue

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Do you Know the IRS Statute of Limitations?

The last thing that you need to know about the tax relief process is the fact that the IRS can only collect taxes from an individual or business for 10 years. If you are past the 10-year period for tax debt, all of your back IRS taxes cannot be forgiven.

There are also situations where the statute of limitations can be extend such as with a bankruptcy that completely stops the clock for tax collection efforts. Although if the tax debt is still within the statute, they can resume collection when you are finished with the bankruptcy.

Additional reasons for extension of the statute of limitations include military deferment, leaving the country or filing for a tax settlement offer.

It always makes sense to contact a tax debt relief company in order to understand the statute of limitations as well as your rights as a taxpayer. The IRS can be resourceful when it comes to enforcing collections as they are able to place levies, wage garnishments and liens.

Don’t let the deadline for filing your taxes expire, let us help you with your irs tax relief problems! We partner with tax experts such as CPA’s, tax attorneys and former IRS employees to interpret IRS protocols and improve your financial situation. Contact us at 877-973-3287 for a free consultation to learn more about our tax relief program!

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