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 GET $100

      for every successful referral.

      Because sharing is caring.
      And extra rewarding!

Know someone who needs help managing their debt?
Credit cards, medical bills, private student loans,
back taxes, unsecured personal and business loans.

Know someone who could benefit from our programs?
Debt settlement program, Debt management and validation,
Consolidation loans, personal loans and business loans,
Tax resolution, Credit repair, Cash remittance.

Refer them to us and get $100
for every successful referral!

Here’s how:
1. Refer your family and friends to Financial Rescue
2. Make sure your referral mentions your name upon enrolling to any of our programs.
3. Once your referral successful enrolls and pays the first draft, you receive $50.
4. Upon enrollee’s third draft, you receive the $50 balance.
5. Get more people to enjoy our benefits and you get more rewards!
6. Start here!




* For every person you refer, Financial Rescue will pay you $100 once enrolled in a program and completed their first three drafts.* * $100 referral fee is for referrals that enroll in a program. $50 payable upon the enrollee's successful first and third drafts. To receive credit, your name(s) must be mentioned by either yourself and/or the client whom you are referring.