In a blink of an eye, half of the year is over! If you’ve set financial goals when the year began, like saving for a car, buying a home, setting up an emergency fund, settling some of your debts -- it’s time to find out if your finances are on track by doing a mid-year financial checkup.

Assess your goals
Given your bottom line, are your earlier targets still realistic? Find ways to cut back on spending if your expenses are running higher than expected. Small changes in your daily habits can make a big difference. If your expenses are lower than projected, put more money into your savings account and investment portfolio.

Check your credit score
How credit worthy are you? Find out if getting a loan would be easy or challenging by checking your credit score. While a high score gives you easy access to loans and low interest, a low credit score tells potential lenders that they’ll be taking a risk in lending you money and thus would have to charge you higher interest. To improve your credit score, start by paying your credit card balances, catching up on past due accounts and paying your bills on time.

Manage your debt
How are you paying off your debts? While there are many ways to manage debt payment, finding the best option can be overwhelming. Consider asking a financial expert to help you sort things out. Financial Rescue offers free consultation. We can point you to your best debt option - at no cost. What’s more, when you settle your debt you get lowest fee guarantee. No need to pay any fee until your account is settled!

Review your insurance
Do you need to update your policies? If you’re expecting some major life changes like having a baby or a change in employment status, you may need to adjust your insurance coverage.