Beach getaways. Road adventures. Outdoor fun with family and friends. Perhaps, some home improvement too. Ah, your summer wish list can go on and on! When you dream of chasing every bit of fun and making long overdue projects happen to take full advantage of season’s warm and pleasant weather summer can turn up the heat on one’s finances. Small wonder, this season of fun is the second most expensive season next to Christmas.

So, before you plunge into any of your summer activities and burn a hole in your pocket, take control of your budget first. Here are some ways to manage your finances and still enjoy a fun and fabulous summer.

Review your finances.
Conduct a financial checkup. Experts say you need to do this regularly to assess your financial standing and your goals. More importantly, it helps you prepare for major changes that could impact your finances.

For your summer plans, start by updating your budget. Identify your income sources and how much you’re making to date. Then write out all your expenses, any debts you’re currently paying off, as well as how much you’re setting aside for savings or investment. Add up the latter items and subtract the sum from your total income. The result shows you how much (or how little) wiggle room you have for your summer activities.

Apart from this, you need to check your credit score too. Stay informed about your credit report so when you plan to take a loan for major purchases, you know where you stand and avoid getting declined and being disappointed.

Indeed, knowing your financial health could help you come with a more realistic plan to enjoy summer.

Planning is everything.
It’s easy to fall into summer’s carefree vibe. But when it comes to spending, spur-of-the-moment expenses could throw your budget out of whack. Your best defense is to plan and budget your major activities. Check your calendar so you don’t miss a thing: your spa date with your BFFs, your most awaited concert event, your room refurbishing project. Then, make a cost estimate on each item so you’re guided on how much you should spend. Does this mean goodbye to summer’s spirit of spontaneity? Not so. In fact, unplanned events should be part of your plan. So go ahead and pencil them in! Just make sure that whatever your summer budget looks like, it doesn’t compromise your financial health.

Do a debt cleanse.
When your debt hangs like dark cloud over you, the sunny days of summer can never be relaxing. While you may not be able to pay off your bigger debts just yet – like your mortgage or student loans – you could settle your smaller debts like your credit card and get it off your back. Bear in mind you don’t have to deal with debt alone. You can seek the help of Financial Rescue and enjoy the advantage of lowest fee guarantee. No need to pay any fees until your debt is settled. By unburdening yourself of some of your debt, you gain a little more freedom to spend on your summer activities without the guilt.

Enjoy summer freebies.
Why worry about spending when you can enjoy something for free? Look for summer freebies like street festivals, outdoor concerts, and art fairs.

Rediscover the joy of reading a book at your local library. What’s more, community libraries usually offer free summer programs for kids and adults alike.

If you’re into redecorating your nest this summer, you could do this for free as well! Check out online swap sites where you can trade stuff and get what you need without parting with your hard-earned cash.