The pandemic caused the lockdown, and people started losing jobs. Panic is here and there - everyone is cutting expenses. Bearing that in mind, you have to start hustling right now and search for opportunities to make money. 

Apply for jobs daily.

Keep sending your applications and resumes - the best advice here is to be proactive. Other than that, get very precise on your professional specialty. Create a clear picture of who you are as a specialist and write a couple of sentences on a personal branding statement that clearly outlines what you do, how you do it and why, and what you're looking to do next. This will allow you to network with the right people and they can pass along opportunities that are a great fit for you.

However, if your financial situation is adverse and you need money as soon as possible, don't be picky and get any available opportunity. Companies like Walmart, Target, and Safeway are actively hiring right now. Even though it's temporary, it's better than nothing. CVS Health, for example, plans to immediately hire 50,000 full-time, part-time, and temporary workers, including store associates, home delivery drivers, distribution center employees, and member/customer service professionals. CVS is also providing eligible employees bonuses of up to $500.

Search for LinkedIn updates.

You can easily find who is hiring right now and be one of the first applicants. Have your finger on the pulse! This source is one of the examples of where you can start inquiring:

Additionally, keep sending messages to your network and connecting new people (or people you already know but haven’t connected yet) more than ever before. This is the time to boost your networking skills, take the full advantage of them!

Join Facebook groups.

You’ll be surprised how many groups on Facebook exist on a certain topic. Especially now, the number of groups where people are helping each other during the COVID-19 epidemic is growing. Engagement in online communities now has tremendously increased and you have to use it as your main tool. People tend to help each other for free, you'll find plenty of opportunities for free help when you talk sincerely about your problems. 

Be confident while talking over the phone.

Phone interviews now are your main tool. Master that skill: make some notes during the interview, and write down the questions. By doing that you'll take advantage of your conversation and won't forget small but important details. 

Join Online Events and Webinars.

All offline events transferred to online. Make sure you have a clear spot at your home for those online events, especially if they are on a business subject. Join relevant live streams, discussions, and even happy hours - it’ll comfort you during these hard times. It's not only about work - find a balance between professional/educational and fun/socializing events! 

Get help from us.

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