I have made minimum payments for years, can debt relief help me?

Minimum payments cost you more.



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Financial Rescue has debt relief programs that may help you payoff your debt within 12-48 months.

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The problem with making minimum monthly payments is that if and when something goes wrong that forces you to miss a payment, creditors are likely to add late fees, add penalties, and worse, increase your interest rate. Even if you are able to stay current with your minimum monthly payment schedule, it is by far the longest and most costly way to pay down your debt.

Debt relief programs offered by Financial Rescue may reduce your principal and help you pay off your debts within 12-48 months.

Our average client is able to pay off their debt within 36 months.

Financial Rescue's IAPDA Certified debt consultants are ready to provide you a free consultation to review your financial situation at no obligation to you. Our consultants can help you determine the best option for you so that you can start your journey towards financial freedom.

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