Problem: “I’m confused and don’t know where to start.”

Unmanageable debt and the financial challenges that accompany it is not only stressful, but it can also cause legitimate health concerns. When debts accumulate, either over time or suddenly, and your ability to keep up with your monthly payments is compromised, the mental and emotional effects can be outright debilitating. In a study by Dr. John Gathergood of the University of Nottingham, it was found that those who struggle to pay off their debts and loans are more than twice as likely to experience many mental health problems, including depression and severe anxiety. Feelings of anxiety can result from constant worry about money, experiencing immense feelings of being overwhelmed, and hopelessness. It was also reported that 29% of people with high debt stress also report severe anxiety.

Understanding where to begin when you feel overwhelmed by debt is confusing. Besides the aforementioned health concerns, confusion about how to address debt or understanding where to start can also lead to bad decisions, which can ultimately end up costing you even more money. Another side-effect of this kind of confusion is analysis-paralysis, which basically means doing nothing. This can also prove to be costly, as doing nothing about your debt over a long enough period can lead to judgments and/or lawsuits, which only compounds your financial liabilities.

How We Solve it

We understand the mental and emotional effect that debt can have on people. For over a decade, we’ve helped individuals handle their debt challenges and help them get their lives back on track. A significant part of this involves consulting our clients on where to start and how to begin to get a handle on their debt and eliminate the confusion that often goes along with debt and financial worry.

We solve this problem by working closely with our customers to get a clear understanding of what all of their financial obligations are. We conduct a thorough budget analysis and come up with a strategic plan, customized to their unique circumstances and payment ability, to alleviate the burden of unmanageable debt on their lives. This is immensely helpful in eliminating the confusion about knowing where to start and eases anxiety and worry.

If confusion about your financial circumstances is clouding your ability to make well-thought-out decisions about how to handle your debt and develop a plan to achieve financial freedom, we can help you. For over ten years, we’ve assisted tens of thousands of people in similar circumstances to develop a clear, concise plan of action for handling their debt and helped them get on track towards achieving their financial goals and dreams.

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