Problem: “I have a hardship that’s causing me to fall behind.”   

Divorce. Alimony. Child support. Lay-offs. Disability. Care of elderly parents or family members. All of these equate to one thing when it comes to qualifying for a debt settlement program: hardship. Many people overwhelmed by debt don’t understand that they may be able to find debt relief through a hardship program. Any kind of the aforementioned hardships can have a significant impact on an individual's ability to pay their debts.

A hardship can take many forms, from job layoffs, to simply not being able to afford the daily needs of a family. In a recent study by the Urban Institute, it was found that 40% of Americans are struggling to pay for basic needs such as food, rent, utilities, or healthcare.

According to that same study, the most common issues amongst respondents was the inability to afford food (23.3%), being able to pay medical bills (18%) or medical care (17.8%), missing bill payments (13%), and not being able to make rent or mortgage payments (10.2%).

How We Solve it

Every day we work with clients who are experiencing legitimate hardships that directly impact their ability to manage their debts. By identifying all of the factors in someone’s life that have contributed to their inability to handle their debts we can often uncover justifiable hardships that can be helpful for our clients in qualifying for a customized debt settlement program.

If you’re experiencing a legitimate financial hardship and are unable to keep up with debt payments on eligible unsecured debts, you may qualify for a hardship-based debt settlement program. With this type of arrangement, in order to avoid drawn-out collection attempts or risk losing repayment completely via bankruptcy, creditors may be willing to settle your debts for less than the full amount owed, due to your hardship.

In our Debt Resolution Hardship Progam, your unique financial hardship is implemented through an attorney-assisted arrangement. In this program, you contract directly with our affiliate law firm and are assisted by the law firm to substantially lower your overall unsecured debt amount. Additionally, our hardship program is regulated by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), ensuring strict compliance within the guidelines of these programs, and safeguarding consumer protections.

Have you encountered a circumstance that has hindered your ability to reliably make your debt payments? If so, contact us to see if you’re eligible for a hardship program. We may be able to help.


Debt settlement programs are exclusively reserved for unsecured debts, including credit cards, unpaid bills and unsecured loans and lines-of-credit.

The following CANNOT be included:

  • Car loans, mortgages, student loans, government grants or assistance of any kind

We do NOT offer the following:

  • Consolidated loans
  • Credit cards
    • However, your credit card debt CAN be included in debt settlement

We CANNOT work with you if the following applies:

  • If you do not have a job, no source of funds, or no income
    • However, if you have an asset (property), we CAN work with you
  • You’re currently in bankruptcy
    • However, if you completed bankruptcy (discharged), we CAN work with you

Conditions apply and we cannot guarantee acceptance into any debt settlement program offered by the law firms for which we provide marketing services.

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