"Good thing I called Financial Rescue. Despite having two court summons from my creditors, Financial Rescue was still able to settle my debts."

Mirabelle L. -2022 graduate

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  • Medical Bills
  • Collections
  • Repossessions
  • Business Debts
  • Certain Student Debts
From negotiating with banks to major credit card issuers, we’re here to help and guide you on how does debt settlement and debt relief works.

Don't wait to take action - we can help. Our expert team specializes in helping individuals just like you achieve debt relief and financial stability.

People we help

If all the statements below are true for you, our program is right for you. 


    • You are not looking for a loan from us
    • You have a valid hardship in paying your debt. 
    • You made previous payments to your creditors. 
    • Your accounts are from financial institutions. 
    • Your accounts are unsecured. 
    • Your accounts are not from government. 
    • You did not issue postdated checks. 
    • You have a proven ability to pay. 
    • Your accounts not in legal status. 
    • You have the patience to follow through our program. 

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Our IAPDA-certified Debt settlement companies listen and understand your debt problems. We give customized debt relief solutions and make sure that your information is kept confidential by giving key information on how debt settlement works?

Our Account Management Representatives are with you every step of your journey to a debt-free life.

Financial Rescue.

Financial Rescue is a marketing service provider for debt consolidation and other debt solutions.

We have helped tens of thousands of clients, transforming lives through our IAPDA (International Association of Professional Debt Arbitrators) certified Debt Consultants and reliable Account Management Representatives.


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