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Our household income decreased, can debt relief help us?

Lower principal, faster payoff time.



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Debt relief programs can help you through these difficult times.

Multiple Minimum Monthly Payments, or One Low Monthly Payment?

Minimum monthly payments onto credit cards add up. Those payments not only add up to less cash in your wallet, but if "life happens" and you miss one payment or more, then they will likely result in penalties, increased principal, and increased interest rates.

Losing a source of income is probably one of the scariest things that can happen to anyone. If you are laid off from work, or must quit your job to recuperate from a severe illness, a huge blow is made to your financial life. That huge blow can increase credit card debt to unimaginable highs, forcing you to make minimum monthly payments for years to pay off your debt.

For many, one low monthly payment is generally easier to manage than many. Additionally, Financial Rescue's debt relief programs may lower the total principal owed on your unsecured debts, and also lower your monthly payments.

Fortunately, Financial Rescue debt relief programs are available that may help you through this difficult time to pay off your debt in a short period of time for less than what you originally owed.

We know unemployment is a difficult time. We know unemployment can increase your debt. We know that there are solutions available.

Financial Rescue certified debt consultants are ready to help.

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