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To better serve our clients and provide additional services to consumers, Financial Rescue has partnered with the National Asian American Coalition, to provide access to programs that will assist individuals and families that may be experiencing financial hardship. Please review the following programs and for additional information, contact Financial Rescue.

We’ve been helping our clients resolve debt for 10+ years with amazing success.

NAAC + Financial Rescue Partnership

NAAC Partnership

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Foreclosure is one of the most stressful experiences in an individual’s life. Financial Rescue works in partnership with NAAC’s Certified Housing Counselors professionals who will assist homeowners who are at risk of foreclosure and otherwise struggling with their monthly mortgage payments. Experienced HUD Certified Counselors will provide you with the resources to guide you through the whole process of Foreclosure Prevention.

There are a number of programs available to assist homeowners who are at risk of foreclosure:

Home Affordable Modification Program (HAMP)

HAMP lowers your monthly mortgage payment to thirty-one percent (31%) of your verified monthly gross (pre-tax) income to make your payments more affordable.

Principal Reduction Alternative (PRA)

Principal Reduction Alternative (PRA) was designed to help homeowners whose homes are worth significantly less than they owe by encouraging servicers and investors to reduce the amount they owe on their homes.

Second Lien Modification Program (2MP)

If your first mortgage was permanently modified under HAMP SM and you have a second mortgage on the same property, you may be eligible for a modification or principal reduction on your second mortgage under 2MP.

Home Affordable Refinance Program (HARP)

If you are current on your mortgage and have been unable to obtain a traditional refinance because the value of your home has declined, you may be eligible to refinance into a new affordable, more stable mortgage.

Assistance for Unemployed Homeowners Home Affordable Unemployment Program (UP)

If you are having a tough time making your mortgage payments because you are unemployed, you may be eligible for UP. The Unemployment Program (UP) provides a temporary reduction or suspension of mortgage payments for at least 12 months while you seek re-employment.

FHA Special Forbearance

If you are having difficulty making mortgage payments because you are unemployed and have no other sources of income, you may be eligible for FHA's Special Forbearance.


Loan Modification is critical for distressed homeowners during COVID-19. Housing Counselors serve their clients by providing loss mitigation options, trying to protect the homeowners and mortgage owners from foreclosure. Housing Counselors provide clients with several strategies that could be employed to get and keep homeowners current on their mortgage payments and in their homes.

In the worst-case scenario where a borrower cannot afford their mortgage, loss mitigation can lessen the negative impact of foreclosure. Educating clients on the loan modification process and informing homeowners on fraudulent loan modification scams. Additionally, we will share with you the role loan modifications play within the mortgage lending industry and how they apply to various borrower circumstances.

Forbearance Options. If you’ve experienced a financial hardship due to the coronavirus pandemic, you have the right to request or obtain forbearance for up to 180 days. You also have the right to request and obtain an extension up to another 180 days (for a total of up to 360 days).

Provide FHA Loss Mitigation Options. Counselors guide clients who are facing foreclosure by attempting to bring the mortgage current, determine eligibility for forbearance plans and FHA-HAMP Loan Modification, and as a last resort pre-foreclosure sale/ deed-in-lieu.

Educate Clients on the Loan Modification Process. Our counselors will work hand-in-hand with you and your lender by helping complete required forms, submitting a request to the servicer, and respond to additional requests for information.

As COVID-19 strains the financial hardships of many Americans today, it is important that clients understand the signs of loan modification scams. We educate clients about loan modification scams that have taken advantage of many homeowners during the foreclosure crisis.


Refinancing a home can save homeowners years of paying off their mortgage. But only if refinancing is the best choice for the homeowner. NAAC counselors are available to answer specific questions about refinancing, reducing interest rates, building equity in your home, and other aspects of the mortgage refinance transaction.

How We Can Help You with Refinancing:

Help clients understand what refinancing their home will look like.

We will walk through all the steps of refinancing your home and leave you with a better understanding of how the whole process works.

Finding the perfect match

Counselors will work with lenders and clients to identify opportunities to refinance an existing loan for another loan with a lower interest rate and an affordable monthly mortgage payment.

Debt consolidation

Would you consider consolidating your debt? We work with you to help calculate the pros and cons of consolidating debt to refinance your mortgage.


Rental housing is essential to many households. That is exactly why the Rental Counseling Program was created. Housing counselors have an important role to play in helping you navigate the complicated rental process and secure a unit that fits your budget. Housing counselors may help you find rental assistance, understand Fair Housing laws, become familiar with tenant-landlord relationships and responsibilities of each, and provide appropriate information on general housing issues.

What Housing Counselors Can Do for Renters:

Help You Identify an Affordable Unit

Counselors can work with you to develop household budgets, determine what you can afford to pay for rent, establish if you are eligible for assistance, and provide a referral to Public Housing Authority.

Teach Renters Your Rights and Responsibilities

Counselors can support you in navigating the rental process, from paying deposits to signing and ending a lease. They can teach the rights and responsibilities you have as a renter, help you build and keep a good relationship, and lines of communication with your landlord to help resolve landlord-tenant disputes.

Educate Clients About Financial Planning and Good Rental Practices

Counselors can help renters develop and maintain financial literacy through counseling on budgeting, credit, and financial literacy for future homeownership. They can also teach you good rental practices such as obtaining rental insurance and maintaining a healthy home.


For over a decade, we’ve helped tens of thousands of clients resolve hundreds of millions of
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Clients who are able to stay in with the program and get all their debts settled realize approximate savings of 40% - 60% before fees. Settlement estimates are examples of past performance; past performance is no guarantee of future results. Individual results may vary. We do not assume any debt, make monthly payments to creditors, provide tax, bankruptcy, or legal advice. The information provided is for informational purposes only. Debt Relief Programs may have any adverse effect on your credit report. Our services are not available in all 50 states and our fees may vary from state to state.

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