I have a low credit score, can debt settlement help me?

A high credit score reflects your credit worthiness.



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Debt Relief services such as Debt Settlement can help improve your credit score.

We provide you options.

Your credit score is determined by many factors. Did you know that just by having a balance close to the credit limit, regardless of whether you are current with minimum monthly payments, that it will lower your credit score? It will.

Credit card applications, loan applications, apartment rental applications, and sometimes even simple room rental applications require a credit check to determine the quality of your financial integrity or your likelihood to pay. Your credit report presents your credit score, and a low credit score suggests you are not likely to pay.

Debt relief programs such as debt settlement can help improve your credit score, and there may be other alternatives as well.

Financial Rescue's expert debt relief consultants are certified through the International Association of Professional Debt Arbitrators, and will help you determine which of our debt relief program services is best for your needs.

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