Who’s Really Lucky This 2016?

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Honestly, I’m not really a believer of Astrology, but there’s no harm in believing with such traditions. In fact, because Filipinos are always affiliated and influenced by Chinese customs, many of us believe in Feng Shui, Daily Astrology and even celebrate Chinese New Year in their homes. They believe that doing these things will bring luck and of course—money!

So, is luck really the only solution to a debt-free life?

Recently, it’s in the news that there are three lucky winners in Powerball residing in California, Florida and Tennessee. Each of them won approximately $528 million dollars, taking home a lump sum payout of $327 million dollars minus the taxes. Imagine how lucky they are! Do you think these winners have some secret lucky charms? We cannot really find that out.
If you’re not so lucky last 2015 and you’ve accumulated too much debt, I’m predicting that 2016 will be a good year for you to fix all your financial liabilities.

I’m no fortune teller, but I know who’s going to be lucky this 2016 specifically when it comes to their finances, regardless of their zodiac signs or whether or not they carry a lucky charm.

Early Planners of Income Tax Returns

Those who plan their income taxes ahead of time will be auspicious this year. Thinking ahead, they will reduce their tax amount with their itemized deductions and other tax exemptions. Further, they will not be in the hassle of filing up back taxes from prior years with the IRS. Consequently, they will save valuable time and money. They often consult tax experts who are former IRS personnel, tax attorneys and CPA’s with decades of experience, and have successfully handled thousands of tax cases.

If you have some IRS issues and other tax related problems, we have partnered with tax experts who can surely find resolutions to your problems.

People with a Budget Plan

Making a feasible budget early this year and sticking to it until the end will make a person lucky enough to save effectively without sacrificing their lifestyle. These individuals personalize their budget and customize it to suit their needs. They set aside their fixed expenses and recorded their daily spending to track their progress. Often, they look for other income-generating ideas to extend their purchasing power to allocate to their minimal luxuries.

Disciplined Credit Card Holders

Of all the lucky ones, I’m much impressed with them because they overcome the lure of temptation of swiping the plastic impulsively. Credit card debt is one common problem that adds greatly to consumer debt but only those disciplined credit card holders will be lucky this year in terms that they will maintain their high credit score. Moreover, because of their unbelievable attitude towards their finances, they likely have additional advantages with their credit cards like, rewards, cash back, discounts, low-interest offers and many more.

Smart Homeowners

Despite the fact that mortgage payment soared high in recent years, smart homeowners are also lucky because, through the guidance of an expert, they can maximize their mortgage into a cost-effective loan that will make home ownership more affordable for them. If properly planned, a home purchase will not be a burden to your finances.

Enlightened Former Debtors

After all the years of being in the darkest part of being in debt, these former debtors have been enlightened with financial knowledge. They’re lucky enough to listen to the advice of certified debt consultants to manage all their debts wisely and made a smart decision on how to pay them off. This 2016, they will see a brighter path towards financial freedom.

Enrolled Individuals in Debt Relief Programs

This year, they will be free from stress and pressure. They can fix their ruined relationships due to financial conflicts. They already took the first step towards a debt-free life. They will be happy and satisfied with their financial life. There are many debt relief options, but there’s the best one that will double up your luck this year.

There you go–the lucky ones this year 2016 and most likely for the years to come. If you want to be showered by the blessings of luck, there’s something that you can definitely do to make your financial life lucky.

What’s the Best “Good Luck” Money Solution this 2016?

Debt settlement programs from Financial Rescue LLC is your “lucky charm” to gain financial freedom. They have a one-monthly payment scheme that will enable you to save a fortune while paying off your debts. Lucky as they can be, graduates of these programs have proven that these programs reduced their total debt amount by paying an average of 40-60 percent.

In conclusion, being lucky this 2016 needs a lot of determination and hard work. As the popular saying goes; “Nasa Diyos ang Awa, Nasa Tao ang Gawa.” Again, Kung Hei Fat Choi! May everyone have a prosperous and lucky 2016.

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