Wage Garnishment Release

wage garnishment

Every person hope they never need to face a tax levy or wage garnishment. Unfortunately, most of us will face a period in life where we have difficulty paying taxes on the IRS or state. Perhaps you’ve been laid off in the office, or you took on a home loan that’s a little too much that you can handle. In any event, in case you miss a tax payment, you might find yourself facing a levy or wage garnishment without warning.

Tips to Get a Wage Garnishment Released

Luckily, there are several ways to start getting a tax levy or wage garnishment released – whether it originated from the Internal Revenue Service or taxing authority where you live.

The very first option, predictably, is to settle your tax debts fully. Generally, in most wage garnishment or tax levy cases, this method sounds simple but isn’t a reasonable suggestion. After all, why would you be facing a wage garnishment, to begin with, if you have the amount of money to cover your taxes? If you have enough money to settle your debts to the IRS or state taxing authority, do so.

Negotiate together with the IRS

The next option is to negotiate together with the IRS or state to find a different method of settling your finances. Contrary to popular belief, the Internal Revenue Service doesn’t enjoy placing tax levies or wage garnishments on delinquent taxpayers. Not only is it viewed as cruel by most people, but it is also costly when it comes to resources and time.

Because of this, the Internal Revenue Service or perhaps the state taxing authority will most likely be willing to negotiate with delinquent taxpayers. To begin the negotiations, get in touch with expert tax professionals! They will assist you to talk to the Internal Revenue Service or state, and lastly, resolve your tax debt!

Saving Cash

With tax professionals, they will help you to save just as much money as you possibly can and eliminate possible hardships. For example, we help prepare the documents required to submit an alternate resolution that can reduce or even eliminate your garnishment, helping you from overdrawn bank accounts, bounced checks, and the inability to pay necessary bills.

In a few instances, they may even manage to assist you to register for an “offer in compromise.” Ostensibly, it becomes an offer built to the IRS or state that proposes a tax debt settlement that is certainly reduced in sum compared to the total debt.

Do you need help in releasing your wage garnishment? Contact us and we’ll help you with your situation.