Is It Too Soon For a Funeral Planning?

pre-planning for funeral service

People are always so hesitant to invest in something. Despite being presented facts and know-how, they find it difficult to place their complete trust on financial institutions that promise amazing returns and profit. There is always uncertainty looming about the future, after all. How can one be so sure?
If you’re looking for the perfect place to spend your money without having doubts, there is one sure way to make the most of your investment. Don’t let the remainder of your retirement fund be allotted specifically for your demise, instead—plan ahead as early as now and make sure all your funeral arrangements are taken care of the moment you pass away.

The Benefits of Planning Ahead

Here are a few reasons why planning ahead should be included in the list of your priorities:

  • For your surviving loved-ones. It’s a no-brainer that you’d want your family to focus on grieving when you’re gone. Imagine the frustration of dealing with all the funeral arrangements, trying to find the money to pay for everything, while grieving for your loss. Other people resort to borrowing money from friends and family, while some have to use their credit card. Imagine people who’ve lost someone they love—and eventually selling their possessions—or even their loved one’s possessions just to pay for the bills! It’s a shame and a sad fact, but it does happen for people who aren’t prepared. So imagine, instead of letting your memory go with ease, your family members have to resort to using their own money to pay for everything, which can result in debt! Don’t leave your small-income-earning or paycheck-to-paycheck family with huge funeral costs, because it will no doubt leave them empty handed even before the grieving season is over.

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  • For yourself. It’s your final act of service to yourself. Knowing that you have planned everything from start to your finish, you can rest assured that no matter what happens, all you would have to do is enjoy the remaining years of your life problem-free. Whether you have family or not, there’s nothing like leaving this world knowing that you will be taken care of regardless of who you leave behind. Other people who have a rather rich family and friends might have it easy, but what about people who have a pretty solitary existence? Hence, taking care of your own funeral arrangements is a beneficial plan of action.
  • It’s going to happen whatever happens. You just cannot deny that death is imminent for humans, whether you are rich or poor, young or old. It’s another thing to be concerned for those you’ve left behind, but it should also be a comfort that you know your money won’t absolutely go to waste when you are simply taking care of yourself (in the specific time that you no longer can’t).
  • Alertness. It’s as simple as being prepared for the unexpected. Of course, it’s not ideal to be completely paranoid, but to know your choices before or after a sudden death in the family is of utmost importance. Say, if you are grieving, you are most likely to just agree to any decisions regarding the funeral, and you might be spending more than necessary which can lead to an unexpected debt you didn’t have before. In contrast to already having planned the arrangements, or simply being aware of your options when it comes to funeral planning, you won’t have to lose sight of the important matters at hand.

Here are the things to consider when pre-planning funeral or memorial service:

1) Inform your immediate family members. Make sure all your instructions and documents are prepared beforehand. You’ve gone through all the trouble of making it a smooth experience for those you’ve left behind, so you might as well tell them immediately. If you keep it under wraps, there’s a huge possibility that they won’t be able to carry out the plans you’ve made when you’re gone.

Prepare for your large expenses by breaking it down to a few dollars every month. Large expenses are less frequent so you have enough time to save for them before they arrive. And because you’re breaking it down to smaller expenses, you won’t feel its pressure on your budget.
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2) It’s also wise to hire a lawyer, especially where inheritance is concerned. This is especially great for people who have made more enemies than friend in their lifetime. Even if you’re rich, it’s going to be futile if there are no people who care for you. They’ll most probably get you the cheapest coffin and bury you in a cave.

3) Consider alternative options. There is always cremation, immediate burial, and donating to a medical school. These options will save you thousands of dollars alone—no doubt the best ways to save money. For instance, you can also skip embalming or buy the urn or casket from a different funeral parlor. The “usual way” isn’t always the cost-effective way.

4) Don’t hire funeral home staff. Believe it or not, you and your family can plan a memorial service, and you can even do this at home instead of renting costly spaces.

5) Compare like you’ll compare credit card offers. And what’s the best way to start comparing funeral services and offers? Online, of course! There are sites out there that will meet your planning needs with convenience whether you are simply planning ahead, or if a family member suddenly passes away.

It’s a little too early for Halloween, but you wouldn’t want to return to the land of the living just to make sure that everything is running smoothly with your personal supervision. Have peace of mind before and after you part this world knowing that everything is taken care of.

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