Sure Ways to Save Money in College for Future Use

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College can be a many-splendor thing with the new positive and exciting experiences coming your way. However, the fact remains that going to university also means being closer and closer to temptation to live beyond your means—no one is there to watch you after all! There’s a big chance that you’ll depend on credit to survive, and that just won’t do.

Sure Ways To Save Earn Money

Ways to Save Money in College and How to Get Around to it

Is it enough to just accept help from your parents and just call it a day? Or should you succumb to eating instant ramen noodles to save money until you graduate? Believe it or not, there are certain things you can alter in your college lifestyle to be able to save more money and hopefully increase your chances of paying off not only your student debt, but your other debts as well.

1) Go to school! Seems like a no brainer, but it’s not enough that you attend your classes. Remember, your tuition fee means that you’re entitled to use the school amenities. So make the most of the freebies such as:

a. The Library. This is essential not only for vast reading material, but may also be a great place to use free Internet for your research.

b. The Gym. Ditch the gym membership in your fitness center and use the school’s gymnasium. Use the track field to run or work out.

c. Try working part time for the school. If you’re looking for cheaper rent or an extra way to earn money without leaving the school premises much—you can shoot two birds with one stone with this one.

 2) Personal adjustments. For starters, it’s best to be self-aware of your decision to save money. Practicing frugality can take a toll on your lifestyle. To help you assess your situation, here’s a few things you have to be conscious about:

a. Your friends. Are you with the socialite crowd? If yes, you might want to distance yourself from them because unless you’re used to being called the cheapskate of the group, you’ll be pressured to always keep up with the latest trends.

b. Your vices. Do you smoke or drink on a regular basis? It’s time to cut off those guilty pleasures because other than the fact that those are unhealthy for you, those seemingly cheap vies will cost a lot by the end of the year.

c. Your sleeping hours. Believe it or not, your sleeping hours can contribute to your use of money. If you sleep early, for instance, it’s beneficial to your health, you save on electricity, and you’re least likely to spend more money when you’re out partying with your friends.

 3) Pay with cash. Taking a risk should only be during hard questions in a multiple choice exam. When it comes to your allowance, you have to know where every single cent goes. That’s why you should:

      a. Only use your credit card for emergencies. If you don’t have the cash in hand to buy something, don’t use your card to obtain it!

b. Don’t shop in convenience stores. Those little trips can cost you a LOT in the long run!

c. Plan your purchases. Budget, budget, budget!

 4) Mind your food. Avoid eating out when you’re in college. Although you can settle for the once-in-a-while, cheap instant ramen route, you can survive without starving yourself or putting your kidneys in serious danger:

a. Try new recipes. For instance, how about going vegetarian? Vegetables are cheap and easy to prepare. You can check less costly recipes in the internet!

b. Learn to cook. There are tons of cheap food that you can prepare easily if you just learn how to cook. Have you ever heard of the saying that if you know how to cook an egg, you’ll survive for life?

 5) Go generic! To save money, it’s time to turn a blind eye to the brands you love. It’s time to dress down and go for the affordable price. Be conscious of your spending habits and avoid buying the pricier version of the following:

a. Clothes and accessories.

b. Meds.

6) Make the most of what you have.

This is best saved for last to make sure it stays in your brain longer than the rest. At times, you already have a lot on your plate, but you still want to get more anyway. It’s time to curb those meaningless desires and focus on your needs instead. For example:

a. Avoid updating gadgets on a regular basis. For as long as you can text, call and use a little data on your phone, why get a new one?

b. Avoid buying big and permanent appliances if you’re living in a dorm. You’re going to move out anyway!

What if I need more money anyway?

Now that you’ve made the necessary adjustments to your lifestyle, but you’re still in need of extra cash, lose no hope! Waiting isn’t your only course of action when you need to do part time job. Below are a few non-traditional ways to earn money:

• Be a sitter. Housesit, babysit, dogsit… considering people are mostly always out and busy, you won’t run out of potential clients.

• Check cyberspace. You’ll be surprised with the tons of opportunities waiting for you online. You can try being a freelance photographer, researcher, and transcriber. You can also take online surveys and do translator work.

• Offer bed space or room rent. If you’ve got extra space, you might as well rent it out! Transient bed spacing is a popular thing nowadays, so why not?

• Tutoring. Since you’re already in school, why not review your subjects by offering tutoring lessons to master them even more? You’ll be hitting two birds with one stone; you’ll be sharpening your academic prowess while earning money!

What do I do if I’m already in debt both from student loans and my credit card debt?

It’s not too late! For one, we here at Financial Rescue LLC can remedy your situation. Call 1-877-97-DEBTS now for your first, free consultation. We’ll take care of your unsecured debts during and after your college days with our amazing debt settlement programs. For more financial tips and more info, visit and like our Facebook page.