Our Best Recommendations on Where to Spend Your Money

where to spend money

Many of us work so hard and save money to achieve the so-called “Financial Freedom” in the years to come.

We know that it’s important to save but it is just as crucial to spend… especially on things that matter.

What are some of these things?

List of Things on Where to Spend Your Money

Your Health

To quote Ralph Waldo Emerson:

The first wealth is health.

For most of us who need to work to earn a living, health should not be tossed on the wayside. Our greatest asset is our earning capacity and that could be greatly affected by illness if we don’t take good care of ourselves. Don’t be too stingy on food that improves your health. See your doctor if you feel the need to. And don’t think you can be unmindful of your health just because you have a health insurance coverage. (You can also read this article on how to save on healthcare.)

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Financial instruments

These include insurance, retirement accounts, and investments, etc. Insurance protects your nest egg from getting wiped out during tough times such as serious illness or accident. Retirement will prepare you for life after your employment years so that you can still enjoy your life. Investments in paper assets such as stocks, bonds and mutual funds, will help you make passive income and build wealth faster.

On the surface, it appears that you are spending for these things and adding more to your monthly bills but they are actually just ways to protect and store your wealth somewhere else.


We are only humans and we need enjoyment. If all we do is work and save, we cannot keep going. We will get burned out. Another tendency is to suddenly binge spend to compensate on too much saving. We have a financial freedom.

So don’t feel guilty on spending for leisure – make it a part of your budget. As Dolly Parton says…

Don’t get too busy making a living that you forget to make a life.

Go on vacations once in a while, watch a movie every with your family, go out with friends have a good time! Just remember, moderation is key so you won’t destroy your budget.

Products that may improve your income

Two types come to mind here: One that improves your income, and one that can lower your expenses. For example, education and training can add more skills that are valued by your current or potential employers. You can use skills as leverage during a salary negotiation. More skills could mean a better salary in your next career hunt.

Paying your debt, either by using your own strategies or through debt settlement and other debt relief options may increase your net income by reducing the bills you will have to pay every month. Sometimes, debt is a reason why many people take on more jobs and fail to enjoy their lives.

Do you have a financial freedom?  Can you imagine being debt-free and seeing a bigger monthly income in the next few months? Now, how does that make you feel?

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