How to Travel for Cheap Ideas That Will Save You From Overspending

how to travel for cheap

If you’ve saved for this trip for a while now and it’s time to finally indulge in your much-deserved vacation, how are you going to make sure that all your efforts won’t go to waste and not misuse your credit card when you’re abroad? Knowing you can’t just forget about your credit card at home when you’re abroad because you never know when you’ll need it.

Instead of wasting all your money in this little trip, here are a few entertaining tips on how to maximize the most out of your vacation! Don’t worry needlessly over your credit card spending!

Tips on How to Travel for Cheap

1) Hostels. Hotels are overrated and overpriced, so why not try hostels or bed-and-breakfasts? This will be a great way to get in touch with your new environment compared to the usual high-end hotel settings. You can’t always trust the hotel ratings anyway.

2) Explore the streets at night. To add to your experience, don’t waste all your energy during daytime because you’ll be surprised that the place—wherever you are, is quite different at night. There are more secrets, more people off work, and you would generally get to know people better.

3) Eat local cuisine. To save on food costs, avoid restaurants and fast food joints. Join food bazaars and events during your stay. Don’t depend on hotel food to keep you full—not only are they expensive, but most aren’t really going to give you an authentic local experience. If you think you’re as adventurous as you think, then take a bite of whatever weirds you out on the menu!

4) Travel light. It’s not just about packing smart, but it’s by lessening the fees you have to pay for baggage. If you’re only going to spend a few days on your vacation, you can simply use the hand-carry option for your things. Depending on your airline, you would be given a weight and size limit. This is the great route for those audacious backpackers. Also, there will be little chances of you losing your bag or experiencing delays. However, if you’re eventually going to check in a few bags, be certain to weigh them before you get to the airport so you know just how much they’ll trust you.

5) Use public transportation. Don’t rely on shuttle services from the hotel when you want to go to places. Instead, roughen it up and use the train or the bus. Don’t ride taxis. Better, yet, you can always walk to your preferred destination or simply get lost exploring a new city! There’s nothing like a cost-free experience but through your two feet. In fact, you can also try renting a car if you don’t want to get full control of your itinerary.

6) Turn off your phone. Take pictures with it if you want, but be sure to turn off the data roaming and 3G to avoid massive charges to your bill when you get back home. If you want to text your family members, you can simply rent a phone for a very cheap price when you arrive at the airport.

7) Bring your own toiletries. Just make them travel-sized before you leave and you will save yourself from those unplanned trips to the grocery store. As much as possible, plan all your purchases to curb those impulsive purchases.

8) Don’t change money at the airport. Probably considered the #1 rule by most travel blogs, The rates are off the charts, so if it’s possible, just conduct transactions in a legitimate money exchange stall the moment you arrive at the airport.

9) Use the right credit card. Do you know that there are credit cards, debit cards, and prepaid cards specifically for travel? Just be sure to get or use the card that has cheap cash withdrawals, no overseas fees, can pay with multiple currencies, and offers good exchange rates. Also, it’s best to tell your bank where you’re going so you don’t get accidentally blocked for making purchases overseas. It’s also wise to write down all your credit/debit card and ATM numbers down in a secure place to make sure you never forget it. This will be vital in case you run into emergencies.

10) Avoid bringing a lot of hard cash when you’re out roaming. As the saying goes, don’t put all your eggs in one basket. You never know what awaits you in the foreign land, so you better be safe than sorry. Keep most of your money in a vault somewhere. That is a better alternative compared to being robbed of all your special moolah somewhere.

As you can see, traveling can be something that gets you into debt (if you’re careless), or keeps you out of debt if you practice the tips above. However, if you find yourself sinking lower in debt before or after your little island adventure (we know it’s very easy to get carried away with your credit card, especially with souvenirs), there is but a way to explore your options through means of Financial Rescue LLC’s debt settlement programs, you can eventually wipe out your debt. Debt relief is but one call away! For more inquiries and a free consultation, call 1-877-97-DEBTS now or visit our website at and travel to your destined debt-free life!