How To Settle Debt in Collections: Dealing with Debt Collection Agencies

how to settle debt

A recent study by the Urban Institute found out that 1 of 3 adults or 77 million Americans have a report of debt in collections.

If you’re part of the statistic, you might be wondering what options you have in paying for those debts.

The good news is that there is a logical and practical solution to debts in collection, and that is debt settlement.

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How to Settle Debt in Collections?

Collections Debt Settlement is designed to potentially reduce those debts in collection in the shortest amount of time with the best possible payment program tailored for you. An aggressive solution to debts in collection accounts, debt settlement can potentially resolve your debt problem in as short as 12-36 months.

With a collections debt settlement program, your debts in collection accounts are carefully negotiated one at a time by a debt settlement company on your behalf. This is done by paying your debt collectors a lump sum which is considered to be full payment. The lump sum comes from a separate trust account, held under your name and built from a simple monthly payment program.

However, as building this trust account still involves your own money, it is important that you deal only with reputable debt settlement companies.

Settle Debts in Collection with Financial Rescue LLC

How to settle debts in collection

Financial Rescue LLC works with those reputable companies. Established in July 2008, Financial Rescue LLC is a marketing arm for debt settlement companies and law firms, that have helped individuals with financial hardship through their debt settlement programs. Thousands from the United States have come to us with the life-changing decision of becoming debt-free.

If you are facing financial hardship, know that you are not alone. Millions of Americans are weighed down by financial stress and are struggling with indebtedness due to unforeseeable circumstances, easier ways to accumulate debt such as credit cards, and of course, the burden of expenses while living in today’s modern world.

As hard as it is, we still respect our moral obligation to pay back our creditors and start afresh with our financial lives. It’s an admirable trait to face such responsibility.

Need Help with Debts in Collection?

If you want to know how you can settle a debt in collection through our program, give us a call. Our IAPDA-certified consultants are ready to listen to your concerns. They can determine the best option for you so that you can finally get rid of those pesky debts in collection.

Call us today and find out all your options. Consultation for our Collections Debt Settlement is FREE and designed to benefit you! Call now! 1-877-97-DEBTS | 1-877-97-33287

*Financial Rescue LLC is a marketing service provider for debt settlement programs and law firms serving the United States. We provide our clients options to their financial concerns. Our goal is to provide you alternatives: we can go over all the pros and cons of each option in order for you to make an informed decision for you and your family.

When debt becomes an issue in your life you have options. We can help!

Collections Debt Settlement is not for everyone. Please contact our office to find out all your debt options and which debt settlement program is right for you.