How Does Debt Settlement Work and How Can We Help

how does debt settlement work

A common question we at Financial Rescue encounter from our first-time clients goes this way: What exactly is Debt Settlement and how will I benefit from your program?

We have a short answer to this in our FAQ page, but let us expound it here on this post.

How does Debt Settlement work?

Debt settlement is a form of debt relief service where all your unsecured debts will be combined and negotiated for less than what you owe.

Let’s say you have 16 credit cards amounting to $20,000 in total debt. A debt settlement program can help you reduce that total amount so you can pay it off and move on with your life.

How can Financial Rescue LLC help?

Say you are already behind your monthly dues. For accounts you are able to pay, you are only paying the minimum, which means you are still accumulating interest rates.

You continue to pay but there seems to be no end. That’s when you know you need help.

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Financial Rescue LLC will take you to the right people who are experienced debt negotiators and legal experts who will negotiate with your creditors on your behalf.

Your account will be handled by an attorney, paralegal and legal assistants. A creditor tends to treat an account differently when they know they must obey all of the laws governing them, and an attorney is going to be familiar with the laws of your state, which can definitely give you an advantage.

How Much Will You be Able to Negotiate?

Now comes the real benefit. Based on our previous experiences, the average settlement ranges between 40%-60% in debt reduction.

For our sample figure of $20,000 total debt, a 40% debt reduction will result in a $8,000 negotiated amount.*

*Important note: Values are for example purposes only. Financial Rescue LLC does not offer guarantees to the actual negotiated amount.


Good question. Short answer is “Yes”, but please remember that Financial Rescue LLC offers no guarantee as regards to actual figures or if your creditors will even allow debt negotiation.

Life-saving tip: Only scams offer guarantees, so beware.

You might ask: “Can’t I just file bankruptcy?” Now, here are a couple of benefits you might have overlooked.

Debt Settlement Prevents Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy should only be your last option as it will have a severe impact on your financial life. Getting into a debt settlement program can help you prevent that. It may have a negative effect on your credit score, but in time, you will recover from your poor credit report, provided, that you commit to better money management in the future.

Keep Third Party Collectors at Bay

When you start having delinquent accounts, your creditors may hand you over to third party collection agencies, who can be quite aggressive in their pursuits. With the help of Financial Rescue LLC and its partners, you can stop losing sleep over these collection agencies with the knowledge that your debts are being negotiated and your accounts are being handled by law firms.

Final Note: Stick with the Good Guys

Many people are wary about getting into a debt settlement program owing to scams that have been reported before. We recommend that you do your research first to avoid these costly mistakes.

Debt settlement programs should help you prevent bankruptcy — not lead you to it.

*Financial Rescue LLC, a debt settlement marketing arm, has been helping clients for six years and counting already. Based in Milpitas, California, we have a large pool of satisfied customers who have freed themselves from debt through our debt settlement program.

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