Free Yourself from Debt This Thanksgiving

free yourself from debt

It’s not really the scenario in most of the American households out there. In fact, during the Thanksgiving season, there’s an increase in credit card usage and loan applications which leads into debt accumulation far beyond the normal limits.

I must admit it, I’m also drawn by the festive mood of the Thanksgiving. I’m also excited about the Black Friday sale and the sumptuous dinner with stuffed turkey, pumpkin soup and other Thanksgiving Day staples served from our humble home.

Back then, I’m also part of the mob who swipe those plastic cards just to satisfy my craving to purchase an item impulsively. The feeling was euphoric when I walk around the shopping district with too many shopping bags that my arms can carry.  

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It was in the past, not until I pursue a debt-free life.

This is my third year of a debt-free Thanksgiving season and I never regret a thing. It’s not really being an extreme cheapskate or a sort of a Thanksgiving villain. It’s about being practical and smart how you’ll spend your money during the season.

Do you want to know how I do it?

Some Routines During Thanksgiving Season that will Free Yourself from Debt

The Thanksgiving Budget

First thing’s first, you must have an idea on how much money can you spend during the season, list down the must-haves and all important things you have in your mind. Careful planning before the start of the season can give you a bang for your bucks. Create a menu on everything you plan to serve on Thanksgiving dinner and of course, create a shopping list for all the things you plan to buy. Knowing your financial limit beforehand will eliminate the mistake that you’ll go overboard. Thus, helping you avoid debt.

Organize a Pot Luck

Every home got their own delicious recipes. Invite your friends and relatives to celebrate Thanksgiving with you and organize a potluck in your home and ask them to bring their own specialties. By doing this, you’ll only have to supply the main courses and you can spend quality time with your loved ones, not to mention that all of you will have the benefit of having a larger menu with so many food choices to choose from. Perhaps, this is also the true spirit of the Thanksgiving season, to share wonderful food with everyone you love.

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Compare store prices online

Go ahead and try to compare store prices online before heading to the supermarket that offers the best deals. All of the major supermarkets posts their deals on their websites that will make it easier for you. You can also sort out your shopping list and buy from different supermarkets if you can really save a lot from doing so.

How to be Debt-Free

Aside from these steps during the Thanksgiving season, I also enrolled in a debt settlement program that helps me handle my accumulated debts with convenience. It comes with a one monthly payment scheme, so I don’t have to get extra cash that’s allocated for my other expenses. There are really some great benefits of a debt-free life and that’s what I really appreciate and thankful every Thanksgiving season.

Happy Thanksgiving! Cheers for a debt-free future ahead.

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