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Taxes And Bills Headache

“The hardest thing in the world to understand is income tax.”

- Albert Einstein

There you have it, even one intelligent human that ever walked on earth, Mr. Einstein, finds it hard to understand taxes.

Well, the tax is really complicated. Often, people can’t understand and calculate their own.

In the United States, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), is responsible in collecting federal income taxes, but even the IRS website that offers vast resources for the people to understand, the computations and regulations seems to be of little help because of the technicalities and jargons that taxes have.

I know you’ll agree that taxation is boring, complicated and not for the average person to accurately comprehend. No wonder, there are millions of unfiled income tax returns each year which results to billions of dollars of tax gap. In addition, people are afraid of what the IRS can do to them like imposing great penalties that will heavily burden their wallets.

The IRS has a system in place to deal with this kind of tax situations, but please don’t go on your own when you decide that you’ll like to talk to them. Remember this data: 60% of calls to the IRS are being ignored!

Fortunately, for humanity’s sake, there are people who can guide you with a lot of things regarding taxes. No man is an island, as they say, and income tax is too difficult to D.I.Y.

Financial Rescue LLC can help you with tax problems such as:

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1. Unfiled tax returns: Current or prior years
2. Back taxes owed from prior years: may it be individual, business or payroll
3. Bank Levy and Wage Garnishments by the IRS
4. IRS and State Payment Plans
5. Tax Debt Forgiveness / 1099C
6. IRS and State Tax Audits
7. Affordable Tax Professional Services

Don’t let tax problems stress you out. We can help you get your file closed with the IRS in no time, making it a stress-free process for you.

Undeniably, one popular problem about income tax is the filing process.

There are some facts about unfiled income tax returns and Financial Rescue LLC has solutions that can save you a lot of time and cash.

Unfiled Income Tax Returns

Do you think you’re too invincible for the IRS to catch? Think twice! In fact, in 2014, the IRS employed 84,000 personnel. Out of it, 18,000 are entitled to collect against taxpayers with back taxes.

On that same year, the IRS began chasing millions of delinquent accounts which resulted to seizures of assets from those delinquent taxpayers.

Undoubtedly, based on their initiatives, the IRS wants unfiled income tax returns and back taxes resolved as soon as possible. It’s a huge issue for them that they’ve spent billions of dollars last year just to fix it up.

Hence, the IRS has only one objective: PUT TAXPAYERS BACK TO THE SYSTEM AND MAKE THEM COMPLY with all the new tax regulations.

Now, if you are one of those with unfiled income tax returns and you want to reconcile the back taxes you have over the years, Financial Rescue can help you with that.

How Financial Rescue LLC Do It?

Financial Rescue LLC can help you make your tax problems disappear. Our partners are tax experts as well as former IRS personnel with decades of experience. They have successfully handled thousands of tax cases with worry-free tax solutions.

Financial Rescue LLC can also help you with:

Free Debt ConsultationIRS Letters / Notice or Bills

Did you receive a letter or notice from the IRS? Don’t panic! The IRS is just trying to resolve an open issue. You must respond with these letters within 10 to 30 days or depend on the time frame the IRS indicated.

Don’t wait for the time that the IRS will get its lion’s share of your bank account because you didn’t reply to their letters and notices.

As a warning, certified letters from the IRS means they will enforce what’s written there very soon. Not unless you talk to them within the prescribed period of time.

No idea on how to reply to the IRS?

No worries! Financial Rescue LLC can help you make a response that’s guided and approved by expert tax attorneys, accountants and personnel.

IRS Bank Levy and Wage Garnishments

The IRS sends Letter 1058 as a “Notice of Intent to Levy” to inform you that they intend to take your property and assets. They can seize practically anything you own after 30 days.

If you’ve received this kind of notice, don’t worry, you just have to make the necessary steps. In fact, when you have received a levy on your bank account, the money is actually frozen or held for 21 days. Thus, the IRS is giving you that three-week period to get your bank levy released.

Meanwhile, the IRS can also garnish your wages including professional fees, bonuses, commissions and other similar sources of income as a payment for your uncollected back taxes.

Undeniably, Bank and Wage Levies can affect your future financial situation and capability or worst, your ability to provide ample monetary support for your family.

I’m sure you don’t want this to happen, but the IRS process on releasing levies is a little bit confusing, that’s why you must contact Financial Rescue LLC (FRLLC) now.

FRLLC partners with tax experts who are former IRS managers that can guide you through the IRS process on how to release your bank or wage levy cases in the most convenient and hassle-free way.

Filing of Hardship Status

Under the IRS Manual Section, individuals that are going through hardships can suspend their case and put them to “not collectible” status.

The IRS will consider a case in Hardship Status if they find that the taxpayer is unable to pay basic living expenses and will have little or no equity in their assets.

This hardship status is also known as the “not collectible” status by the IRS. However, the IRS will still file a Federal Tax Lien on the back taxes.
It’s a bad idea to call IRS immediately without seeking professional advice. It will just lead that the IRS will attempt to collect your taxes without considering your situation.

Let Financial Rescue LLC help you. We can share our experience and knowledge about this matter, we will let you know, firsthand, whether you’re qualified to apply for a hardship status. We will guide you in preparing documentations and forms because we know that every case is unique from the others, thus, every case must also be handled differently.

IRS Payment Plans

The IRS also offers other payment options aside from the others mentioned above.

These payment plans can be:
A. Streamlined Installment Agreements – Only applicable for pre-assessed taxes/pre-assessed liability plus unpaid balance of assessments that is $25,000 or less.

The aggregate unpaid balance of your tax assessment will be fully paid in 60 months, or the agreement will be fully paid prior to the expiration of the statute of limitation, whichever comes first.

B. Guaranteed Installment Agreements – Only applicable to those who owe income tax only of $10,000 or less excluding penalties and interest.
The taxpayer must agree to fully pay the tax liability within 3 years.

Financial Rescue LLC can help you qualify in one of these payment plans by ensuring that your tax situation fits with its corresponding regulations and provisions provided by the IRS.
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