Do You Need Debt Relief?

need debt relief

Knowing that we can accumulate debt in different ways, whether it’s because of student loans, mortgages, personal loans, or credit card debt—it can be really overwhelming and you might think that you’re one step away from bankruptcy. However, things do not have to arrive to such a bitter end. If you’re determined to set your finances straight, it’s time to do your regular reality check, and Financial Rescue LLC is more than willing to help you!

In order to fix the problem, first we have to identify your financial situation.

Need debt relief? Read through the questions below and check whether you fit the profile or not.

1. Do you let other people or other circumstances dictate over your decisions? Because if you do, the chances are, you also listen to them when they give you financial advice. It’s not bad to get advice when you’re in a jumble, but when it comes to your money—you should be the only one who knows your priorities and how you should handle the unexpected twist and turns. If you’re fickle when it comes to money, and you let external factors influence your decisions, it must only mean one thing: you don’t have a budget, and that’s a number one no-no when you’re in debt. If you really want to give yourself good advice, it’s to fix your daily and monthly budget, and fix it now. Once you have made your own budget, stick to it and feel empowered because you’re in the right direction!

2. Do you prioritize buying from branded stores or buying the latest gadgets? It’s normal to say that you want to invest your money for quality bags and a hassle-free smartphone, but did you also say that the last time you bought your current prized possessions? We’re willing to bet that it has been an endless cycle of getting new things using your credit just because they’re the latest in the market. You can also say that you let peer pressure get to you. For instance, just because your friends have it or plan to buy it, you find yourself itching to get one for yourself too?

3. Do you use your credit card to buy everything? You want to build your credit score, you want to make sure that you make the most of your rewards, you want to take advantage of the 0% introductory rate. Sure, these might be valid for a little while, but if you keep on using your credit card even for the smallest purchase, you’ll no doubt fall into the habit of using your credit card until you’re stuck paying only the minimum monthly fee to make sure your credit card debt doesn’t get out of hand.

4. Do you have student debt? Although it’s generally considered as a good kind of debt, the problem with student debt is that you can get more than one student loan plan in your account. It’s inevitable that other than these plans, you have other responsibilities to think about. Working people even find it hard to repay their student debt. Now, while you’re busy paying off your student debt, you can use a debt settlement plan to take care of your other debts. This will no doubt lessen the stress of paying off your student loan debts.

5. Do you have a hard time saving for your retirement? Whether you have a retirement savings plan or not, are you willing to spend everything you’ve saved just to pay off debt? Are you planning remortgaging your house? If those are your plans, what are you going to do about emergencies? What about your funeral? Retirement is a certainty in your future and you don’t want to be worrying about your debt if you’re supposed to be relaxing and making yourself happy in your final days on earth!

6. Do you have a hard time staying in one job? How many times have you transferred companies? Are you still checking the unemployed box on surveys and job applications? It’s just not practical to not get a regular paycheck if you already have debt—or expenses in general. Let’s say you have an emergency fund ready, but what if you encounter an accident, or what if you find it hard to find a new job that you love? The point is, your bills will only accumulate and no matter how much you try to make ends meet, it won’t be enough in the long run. And besides, you can’t depend on a paycheck-to-paycheck existence when you’re paying bills that will never stop coming. If you’re looking for a great damage control option, a debt settlement program is just the right option for you!

7. Do you find it hard to save? Do you think it’s a chore? If this is your mindset, or if you can’t help but use your saved money for unplanned purchases, be honest with yourself. Don’t risk letting your debt grow into a crazy amount before you make a move. Take precaution and sign up for debt settlement!

The thing is, you know yourself and your spending habits. You know your weaknesses and you know exactly why you ended up in debt. It will take you a while to admit that you’ve let your expenses spiral out of control, or that you’re not willing to compromise to pay off your debts sooner. Now, if you’re not ready for a personal epiphany, or if you said yes to one or most of these questions, you don’t even have to announce your financial situation to the world. Simply call Financial Rescue LLC to get your first free consultation. Dial 1-877-97-DEBTS or visit our website at!

Don’t let your debt bring you down!