Debt Settlement Questions You Might Be Too Embarrassed to Ask

debt settlement questions

No one likes being probed upon, especially when it comes to money. Our own financial situation is our own thing…a very private and personal matter that it’s a taboo to ask another person casually about money. You can’t just ask someone how much he or she earns. Even as a pretext of concern, you can’t just ask your friend how much total debt he or she has.

At the same time, it is also not that easy to open up to anyone about money especially when it’s about debt problems. At Financial Rescue LLC, even though we tell clients that we treat personal information and just about anything they tell us with utmost confidentiality, some are still hesitant to ask questions that they fear are too embarrassing to ask about. The thing is that questions lead us to answers that will help us fully understand your financial situation.

What do these debt settlement questions sound like?

Let’s hear some of them.

Can you help me with this amount of debt?

How much is the debt to be exact? Five thousand? Twenty? Or a six-figure debt? Some of us are hesitant to ask if their debt could qualify. Maybe to some it’s an embarrassing thing.

However, you need to understand that you are talking to professional debt consultants who are committed to client confidentiality. They treat any information they have with respect and with professionalism. Likewise, as experienced debt consultants, they have had numerous clients already and mentioning the amount of debt that you have is a normal thing to them. Their goal is to help you, not to embarrass you. Never will you hear your debt consultant exclaim: “What?!!!” “Oh my God, that’s the worst debt I’ve heard.”

In order to fully understand and assess their situation, clients need to tell us how much they owe. In that way, we will know which type of debt settlement program they qualify for. There’s nothing to be embarrassed about.

Will I qualify even if I only have this amount of income?

Some people have no trouble filling out forms that ask how much their income is but when it’s a live telephone conversation, some hesitate while others won’t tell the truth. Good thing most people do tell the truth.

In any case, such question lead us to your income, which can help us assess if you qualify for a debt settlement, which type of program you qualify for, and how much is needed to be drafted from your account each month. By telling us how much you really earn, we can give you an honest assessment and a debt settlement program that is properly fit not just for your needs, but as well as your financial capacity.