Debt: The Real Ghost of Christmas Past

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A Christmas Carol

Remember the novel “A Christmas Carol” by Charles Dickens? In that novel, he created Mr. Scrooge’s ghost of Christmas past which haunted him from time to time.

With Christmas coming on its way, just like Mr. Ebenezer Scrooge, there’s a ghost that haunts us all after our lavish celebrations.

The real ghost of Christmas past named DEBT.

Undeniably, although Christmas traditions bring happiness and joy, these are accompanied by large credit card debts and personal loans.

A study showed that debt settlement companies get 25 percent increase on individuals seeking help in the months of January and February and the main reason for this is the overspending for Christmas.

In reality, the positive spirit of the holiday season leads to confident consumers who think that they can buy the whole world in just a swipe of their plastic cards. The season of giving gifts is also the season of accumulating debt.Free Consultation. Chat Now!

Believe it or not, these consumers are thinking of a better financial future for next year, yet they cannot resist going overboard with their expenses for Christmas. After all, who can resist the wonderful feeling of the yuletide season?

Consequently, they will pay these holiday debt hangovers by January and then the debt cycle goes on. On average, they will finish paying off their Christmas debt by June.

Perhaps, it’s also the main reason why the debt industry is a billion dollar business and millions were caught in the debt cycle.

Meanwhile, during the Christmas season, advertisers and marketers will most likely spend millions of dollars just to study the public’s purchasing behavior and come up with a plan that will make the public spend to the last dime and worst, to be on credit just to buy their items. Credit card companies also have smart tactics on Christmas to lure their clients, zero interest, zero down payments, zero everything, but, in fact, it will also make your next year’s plan of saving up into a zero balance.

Undoubtedly, the real ghost of Christmas past which is debt ruins the holidays and the lives of people who are inside its financial bondage.

It may seem hard to do, but you know what, you can celebrate Christmas debt-free. It’s just a matter of positive mindset and discipline within ourselves to make it possible.

First things first, you must change your outlook about Christmas. Contrary to public knowledge and to what the media wants us to perceive it, Christmas is not about money. It’s about sharing and giving what you have without exerting too much effort just like unhealthy financial activities just to please our loved ones.

What Can You Do

Free Debt ConsultationBy January next year, you can plan ahead and set aside some cash for your Christmas fund, in that manner, you can never go wrong by the start of the next yuletide season. By that time, you can remove the credit cards from your wallet when you’re shopping for gift items because you have ample cash to pay them. You can also buy items from your gift list monthly to avoid the Christmas rush and get the perks of buying them at a discounted price.

By doing these, the ghost of Christmas past will not bother you anymore. A debt-free life is a stress and worry-free life. You will not overthink on how you’ll escape from debt and give more time thinking of more important things like spending quality time for your family.

Planning ahead gets you out of the debt situation and will help you be closer to become debt-free, but if you’ve accumulated too much debt in the past there’s still a better way to resolve them all.

Get Expert Advice

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