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Financial Rescue debt settlement programs

Considering Americans’ average household debt, it is no surprise that many people turn to debt settlement programs for help in resolving their financial issues.

What Is Debt Settlement and How Can Financial Rescue Help You

Debt settlement programs can help you achieve freedom and peace of mind so you can truly enjoy your life.

A debt settlement program is designed to potentially reduce your debt in the shortest amount of time with the best possible solution tailed for you. An aggressive solution to your debt woes, debt settlement programs can provide a glimmer of hope to a seemingly insurmountable situation.

With Financial Rescue’s debt settlement programs, all your debts are carefully negotiated one at a time by a debt settlement company on your behalf. This is done by paying your creditors a lump sum which is considered to be full payment. The lump sum comes from a separate trust account, held under your name and built upon a simple monthly payment program.

As building this trust account still involves your own money, it is important that you deal only with reputable debt settlement companies.

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Financial Rescue LLC (FRLLC) works with those reputable companies. Established in July 2008 in California, Financial Rescue LLC is a marketing arm for debt settlement programs and law firms, that have helped people with financial hardships through their debt settlement programs. Thousands from California and other states come to us with the life-changing decision of becoming debt-free.

If you are facing financial hardship, know that you are not alone. Millions of Americans are weighed down by financial stress and are struggling with indebtedness due to unforeseeable circumstances, easier ways to accumulate debt such as credit cards, and of course, the burden of expenses while living in today’s modern world.

Making minimum payments, or worse, ignoring your credit card debts and other unsecured loans mean accumulating huge interest rates. As a result, paying your debt on your own will seem a never-ending process and an persistent part of life.

You don’t want that to happen.

You deserve to enjoy the fruits of your labor.

If you feel a debt settlement might be a good alternative to your own efforts right now, let us know. Our IAPDA-Certified debt consultants are ready to listen to your concerns. They can determine the best option for you so that you can start your journey towards freedom from debt.

Contact our certified Debt Settlement consultants to know your options. Consultation is free and designed to benefit you!

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