7 Fruitful Years of Financial Rescue LLC

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Seven Fruitful Years of Financial Rescue LLC

The Humble Beginnings

It was a challenging, but a fulfilling journey. For seven years and still in counting, Financial Rescue LLC has helped thousands of people and settled millions worth of debts through our top-notch debt settlement programs.

It all started in 2008 when I have a vision that I can do something to help people -mostly our kababayans, in solving their financial hardships. Back then, I have only two employees in a cozy and beautiful office in Fremont, California.

I was surprised by the results, I never imagine that we will get such heart-warming response from our clients. It was really good to know that we’ve rescued a lot of individuals to be debt-free. In fact, they’re always willing to testify about the positive results of our debt settlement programs.

The Expansion

In 2010, we moved to a bigger office in Milpitas, California. It’s our main headquarters until now.
By the end of 2014, we started accepting Chinese individuals who are also facing problems with their debts.

Professionalism and Training

I’m a believer of Filipino talent and professionalism. Soon enough, to help more clients, we decided to open a satellite office in Manila.

Even though, it’s on the other side of the world, I can assure that all our debt consultants in Manila are also certified by the International Association of Professional Debt Arbitrators (IAPDA). It means that they’re all experts in the field just like our employees in Milpitas.

System Standards

Both our Milpitas and Manila offices operate with the same standards. They both use a secured system or CRM to keep the information of our clients highly confidential and treated with utmost importance. Further, our Debt Resolution Hardship program comes with the guidance of a legal attorney. We also work with renowned and reputable third party law firms and legal services to ensure that all our processes are within the boundaries of the law. As of today, Financial Rescue LLC has 35 dedicated and qualified employees in both our Milpitas and Philippine offices and still expanding to guarantee our clients with the excellent quality of our services.


Success Stories From Real Clients

The Survivor from New York

Last year, we are very proud to help one of our clients. She’s a cancer survivor and her name is Precy. She lives in New York. Due to her illness, she acquired an unimaginable amount of debt. She saw the segment of Mr. Rod Mercado on TV and without hesitation, she immediately called Financial Rescue LLC to learn about their debt settlement programs. Now, Precy is not only cancer-free, she’s also utang-free (debt-free) and lives happily with her family.

Mother’s Knows Best

Earlier this year, we have helped Denmarie, who is a bartender from San Diego. She got a lot of debt over the years. Fortunately, her mom told her about Financial Rescue LLC and she decided to call. She went through the program and now she’s absolutely debt-free. You know what, because of Financial Rescue LLC’s debt settlement program, Denmarie only paid 28 percent of her total outstanding debt balance.


Debt-Free Couple

Ryan and Joan are just starting out their family with their lovely first-born baby in Los Angeles. They’ve accumulated a lot of debt during this start-up phase. They’re a little skeptical at first about enrolling on a debt settlement program, but because they really want to be financially free, they’ve called Financial Rescue LLC. They’re impressed with the helpful debt consultants and the top notch program that Financial Rescue LLC gave them. At present, this husband and wife tandem is debt-free and they’re looking forward on having their second baby.

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