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We Provide the Best Solutions for Those in Need of Debt Relief.

Financial Rescue LLC (FRLLC) is a marketing service provider for debt relief programs and law firms. We provide our clients options for their financial concerns.
Our goal is to provide you alternatives. We can go over all the pros and cons of each option so that you can make an informed decision for you and your family.

Financial Rescue LLC is IAPDA Certified

All of our Debt Consultants are Certified by the International Association of Professional Debt Arbitrators (IAPDA)

Financial Rescue Debt Settlement Program
Debt Settlement Program

Settle your unsecured debts for less than what you owe with one simple monthly payment program.

Financial Rescue Debt Resolution Hardship Program
Debt Resolution Hardship Program

Potentially lower your overall unsecured debts with the help of debt negotiators and law firms.

Financial Rescue Debt Settlement Legal Plan
Legal Plan

Get full court representation from an attorney with our legal plan. No limits, deductibles, or co-payments.

Financial Rescue Federal Student Loan Consolidation Assistance
Federal Student Loan Consolidation Assistance

Get free consultation and assistance in assembly and submission of student loan consolidation documents.

What is Debt Settlement?

The idea behind debt settlement is to significantly lower your debt in the shortest amount of time possible with the best possible solution tailored specifically for you. A debt settlement program can potentially lower your overall unsecured debt with the help of lawyers who will negotiate with your creditors on your behalf.

Through our Debt Resolution Hardship Program, we will attempt to address your unique financial hardship with the assistance of attorneys.

How Debt Settlement Works?

Our proven hardship program is working for our clients every day. Take the following steps toward debt recovery now!

1. Call for a FREE consultation designed to benefit you – all without obligation.
2. Learn about your debt solution options. The debt resolution technique involves assessing your individual financial situations and determining what option is in your best interest. Many different options and payment structures allow you to customize your plan.
3. Negotiation services for your unsecured debt. Leave it to the skilled and professional program team to negotiate on your behalf.

Why Enroll in a Debt Settlement Program

When you have huge debts, the power of compounding interest can work against you, making it even more difficult to cope with your problem. Making minimum monthly payments - or doing nothing at all - will not solve this problem for you. In fact, it will only prolong the number of years and the total interest that you are going to pay.

Advantages of Debt Settlement Program

A debt settlement program can work for your advantage when you want to put an end to your debt problems. By combining your unsecured debts and negotiating them with your creditors, a debt settlement program may significantly lower your overall debt, thereby cutting the time you will have to pay for it. Likewise, it will help you simplify your payments by giving you a monthly payment program for your combined debts, rather than paying for numerous accounts.

Not only that.

With a debt settlement program, you get legal assistance from attorneys and professional debt arbitrators in dealing with your creditors.

Debt settlement is a legal, legitimate and logical alternative to other methods of disposing debt such as bankruptcy.

Avoid Bankruptcy

At Financial Rescue LLC, we can provide you with other viable options to help you lower your debt. Bankruptcy should be only considered as your last resort. We can, however, provide a financial review and furnish some basic information about bankruptcy to see if it may be the best solution for you. If you have questions, please take the time to talk to a debt expert and discuss all available options that you may qualify for.

Doing Nothing Is Not An Option

Doing nothing regarding your debt is the worst thing you can do. If you are struggling to make the minimum monthly payments or are already behind, we can help you find a solution.

With the assistance of negotiation, resolution and debt settlement programs, consumers have been able to successfully negotiate their overall unsecured debt.

Debt Relief Services

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